Let’s face it. We wake up and what’s the first thing we do? We go to the bathroom and look in the mirror before we do anything. We adjust our hair. We adjust our clothes. Why? Because we want to see how we look. If we’re looking anything less than acceptable, it’s our #1 goal to change that the moment we see it. We immediately hop on weighing scales and even size ourselves up while we do a 360 degree turn in the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with this because that’s what the mirror is there for right? It’s there to show us the truth about ourselves. It’s there to show us candid flaws that we wouldn’t otherwise see if we didn’t have the courage to take a look.

While the mirror helps us get pretty on the outside, it does absolutely nothing for our hearts and leaves our inside unchecked. The mirror is useless for our souls. So while we can be beautiful on the outside, we can be so ugly on the inside. The inside is where we harbor and hide our dark secrets and struggles. The inside is where jealousy, anger, hate and murder live. The inside is where we carry burdens that we tell no one about. The inside is where we carry guilt and shame. But the problem with the inside is that it can’t be seen past the pretty outside. The inside is hidden with fine threads and make-up. It’s hidden with new shoes and job statuses. It’s hidden with fancy cars and money. It’s hidden with Facebook accounts that fail to tell the whole truths of our story. It’s hidden with jewelry, dresses, suits and ties. The inside stays hidden. It stays hidden until we have the courage to look in the only thing that can give us a true reflection of our souls- the Bible.

While we look in the mirror daily without fail, I’m almost willing to bet that we don’t take a look in the Bible everyday. It’s not a part of our daily regimen. We figure we can survive without it because after all, we got through the day before without reading it. IT IS DAILY BREAD. If we fail to partake of it, our spirit man dies, day by day. It’s just like with anything necessary and vital to our physical bodies. You can’t live without fluids or water. You can’t live without food. You can’t live without a certain amount of vitamins. Bottom line. You just can’t do it. Either you continuously deprive your body of the essential nutrients it needs everyday to function, or you give it what it needs so that it can continue to carry out the purpose that God created it for. If you skip your daily meals, you will lack everything necessary to keep your soul healthy. Reading the Bible is necessary for growth, health and wisdom. Make time for God in your schedule. We read everything else. We have time to read newspapers, Instagram and Facebook. Take some time out to partake of the daily Bread. It will be life to your soul. Your outside might look pretty, but it will never be an accurate indicator of what your inside reflects. #GetPhreedUp #CheckTheInside

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