Your Righteous Mind- Donald Lawrence & Company Have you been guilty of being ungrateful lately? Have you been complaining about what’s going wrong in  your life instead of what’s going well? Have you been failing to see the good in a bad situation? Have you been focusing on what you don’t have instead of being […]


Does it ever seem like to you that God is late according to your watch? You can have everything planned out and already expect that everything is going to go a certain way and then all of the sudden, everything falls apart and nothing goes through. You spend time building foundations towards dreams and goals […]


Dedication. What’s the definition of dedication? Miriam Webster’s dictionary defines “dedication” as “the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.” This means that whatever vision, dream or goals that you have require constant commitment. At times you may have a group participating with you, and other times it might be a […]


Have you ever felt the pain of rejection from someone you loved or looked up to? Maybe you allowed the enemy to place negative thoughts in your head and you began to think that you weren’t good enough or didn’t look pretty or handsome enough. Maybe you thought you weren’t smart enough to stay in […]