Are you currently in a situationship that you need to GET OUT of before the new year starts so you don’t drag your 2017 into 2018? Is your situationship verbally, emotionally, financially or physically abusive? Do you cry more than you laugh? Are you angry more than you find yourself at peace? Are you only putting up with the mistreatment because of your fear of being alone and not having a BAE, a WCW or MCE? Are you losing sleep or skipping meals because of this situationship? Well, we think it’s about time you got a hold of it before it gets a hold of you.

So, let’s be real. You’ve had plenty of time to think about this and this isn’t the first warning you’ve had. As a matter of fact, God has given you multiple chances to GET OUT of your situationship.  The Holy Spirit has even told you to leave, but yet you still remain right where you are. Your friends and family have even told you your situationship is not good for you but you refuse to listen to them. Oh, you hear them, but you just don’t listen because you figure they don’t know what they’re talking about. So you have proceeded further than you should have and that thing you once called a relationship, has now turned into a situationship that you not only want out of, but a situationship that you don’t know how to GET OUT of. You have dealt with the abuse so much that you’ve become accustomed to it. It’s become your normal. And deep down inside, there’s a part of you that just wants to keep it together to make it look like you have it all together.

You know you desire better and deserve better, but the truth is, YOU ARE STUCK. You’re stuck without a clue how to get out because at this point, you’ve created an ungodly soul tie with this person that is still very much alive because you keep it alive. Oh yes, you keep open communication with this person. You receive gifts from this person. You even give gifts to this person. Even further, you’ve given yourself to this person. While you may have made these mistakes mentioned above, please remember that it’s never too late to GET OUT. The catch is, you have to want to GET OUT. You have to fight.

Have you ever seen the movie GET OUT? Do you remember how once Chris Washington became aware of the trap and what was going on, he did everything he could in his power to GET OUT? He knew it was either going to be him or them. So rather than give in, he fought. Every time he entered that sunken place, he fought to come back out and stay out. He fought until the very end because he WANTED out. He didn’t care what was at stake. He didn’t care about losing the relationship with his girlfriend Rose because he knew that the relationship is ultimately what led him to the “sunken place.” While he feared being alone and was often taunted with his past, he decided not to allow his past to make him weak anymore. He decided to fight for his life.

He decided to GET OUT.

And that’s exactly what you have to do. You have to fight for your life. You have to want to GET OUT. The problem with some of us is that we are too comfortable where we are. We’re afraid to be alone. We are afraid to be without a relationship. We’re afraid to see our relationship fail. So, we stay in the most tumultuous situationships. We put up with situations just to be comfortable when we’re really uncomfortable. You know you’re being cheated on but you stay. You know you’re being used but you stay. You know you are being abused, but you stay. Or perhaps, maybe you didn’t know, but you know now, but you chose to stay. Now, here you are, in the middle of a situationship. Is it really worth all of this?

Why not get free from the very things and people who keep us in bondage? Why not let go of the people that pull us away from Christ? Why not sacrifice ungodly human relationships for a right relationship with Christ? No pressure, this is just for you to think about. Believe me you, if that person treats you like crap now, they’ll treat you like crap in a marriage later. Evaluate their behavior. Is that the person that you would want as a husband or a wife? Is that the person that you would want to be the father or mother of your children? Can you trust them? Do they have integrity? Do they have a right relationship with Christ? Do they pray? What is their motive for being with you? Are they pursuing you with an end state of marriage, or are they just using you for what they can get out of you with a plan to desert or abandon you when they’re ready for their next victim? Ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself. Only you know these answers. I don’t care how long you’ve been in the relationship. I don’t care if you have already made plans to walk down the aisle. If you are in a situationship, GET OUT. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

This is a warning…God wants the best for your life. He wants to bless you with so much more than you can ever imagine. God is looking for hearts and minds that will be “souled” out to Him…He wants you to want Him more than anything else in the world….Are you ready to let go? There’s tremendous blessings just on the other side of your obedience if you step out from among what is familiar to you and trust the Lord with your whole heart. You really can have God’s best, but you have to get rid of Satan’s best to receive what the Lord has for you. While there’s a blessing for your obedience, there’s also a cost for disobedience. Will you stay or GET OUT?

I pray that this blessed you or someone else you know…Please share to help someone else…A lot of times, people are embarrassed so they might not be as quick to open up to you or anyone else if they’re in a situationship. Many are in denial…Pray for them…If you have questions or need advice about anything, please feel free to DM the PhreedymLive Ministries FB page or IG @phreedym and #GetPhreedUp. I or someone from my team will get back with you as soon as possible!!! If this is your first time with us, welcome! If not, welcome back! I look forward to moving forward with you all in 2018…God has so much in store!!! Please don’t forget to like our page and invite your friends to like our page…We’d love to have you join us! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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P.S.S. If you haven’t seen the movie “GET OUT,”  you should totally go see it.