Today, we live in such a critical world. Everybody is judgmental of everything and everybody. The mentalities go on for days. If you don’t look like the girls and guys in the magazines you’re not pretty enough. If you don’t dress a certain way you don’t fit in. If you don’t talk like someone else then you’re not cool enough for the crew. If you don’t have the same likes and dislikes then you can’t be friends. If you don’t make enough money, you can’t join the club. If you don’t think like I do, you’re not smart enough. If you don’t have the type of job status that I have, you weren’t successful. Why is this? At some point, these mentalities can become so hurtful that they will eventually shape people’s futures. Many people, if not strong enough, eventually buy in to what they’re being told and they feel like complete failures when they don’t fit the bill.


We live in a cruel world where we are known to pre-judge people without getting to know them. We judge them by the way they look on the outside. We judge them by the mistakes that they’ve made. We judge them by what their current circumstances look like and not by where God is taking them. Needless to say, we are so critical of one another. We have to learn to love others beyond the surface. There’s so many hurting people out there who are struggling and just waiting for someone like you to wrap your arms around them and love them with the love of Christ. There’s so many people who would love to have a friend like you that loves them beyond their pain and current circumstances. You don’t know what people have been through. You don’t know their story. As a matter of fact, have you even taken the time to get to know their story? Have you taken the time to at least walk a mile in their shoes? Everybody’s on a journey. Everybody has a story. Respect their journey and be kind and patient.

Often times, I don’t think we realize the direct impact that we can have on others and their lives. I don’t think we realize that we have the ability to offer someone a smile and make someone’s day…That we have the ability to make one simple phone call and encourage someone…That we have the ability to bless someone just by letting them know that we are thinking of them. Love and compassion is powerful. It has the ability to change the world if we let it. It has the ability to change us if we let it. I want to challenge you to love people past what you see. Past what you see on the outside. Past the pain they face every solitary day. Past the dingy clothes and worn out tennis shoes. Past the make-up, extra eyelashes and fingernails. Past the tattoos and piercings. Past the homelessness. Past the mistakes that they continue to make. Love them from your heart straight to theirs. Simply love them beyond the outside.THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE


HEART TO HEARTAs we near the end of another year, I would like for you all to pause and reflect on how you have treated friends and family members this year. Were you kind? Did you make time for them? Do you need to ask someone for forgiveness? Do you need to forgive someone for what they did to you? Did you pick up the phone and call instead of texting them? Did you answer that text message or return that phone call when your received it or did you blow it off? Did you spend quality time with them? Did you reach out to the people that were hurting? Did you meet the needs of those who needed you? Were you quiet enough to actually hear what someone was trying to say to you or did you cut them off before they finished their sentence? Did you take the time out to be kind to a total stranger? These are just some things to think about. Each year we should get better. We should be making improvements. If you happen to find some areas that you’re not so pleased with, fix them. Step back, evaluate and fix them. Don’t continue on down the same road. Make those changes. 2016 is on the horizon and coming around the corner fast. What will make your 2016 different than your 2015? You tell me.

Happy December by the way…We made it! My apologies for the delay of my writing..I’ve been busy living out this thing we call life and trying to figure it out all at the same time. It’s tough sometimes. Please don’t forget to like the page and invite your friends to do the same. We strive for perfection in Christ and grow together. Now go out and love one somebody… #GetPhreedUp