Hey Ladies!!! It’s that time of the year, Fall!! You know, the season where you have to find that one hairstyle that will stay and withstand the weather change? We all know that although the season of Fall is so beautiful, the dry cold air can cause our hair to dry out, become brittle & break. Not sure about you, but I sure could use some hair care tips to jumpstart me off in this season! And what better way than to ask the one & only Jackson, Mississippi native hairstylist herself, Charity Clark!

I had some questions for her about hair that I thought might be beneficial so I dared to ask her. When there is a need for information, it’s always good to deal with people who are honest! I was glad to have had the opportunity to interview her as she was able to provide some vital information that we could all use about our hair. There’s one thing that all women have in common, and that’s the desire and a need for healthy hair. Whether it’s short, medium length or long, healthy hair is a hot commodity! And whether you are natural or relaxed, black or white, it’s still so imperative that we take care of our hair ladies!

Each one of us have our own preferences. For me, I chose the natural route. Yes, I am #TeamNatural! I have been natural for about 4 years now and I have loved it as my hair has grown so much faster, healthier, thicker and longer without the extra chemicals in my hair. You may prefer a perm as it may be better for you. It’s all about whatever suits you best. The truth of the matter is that we are all different, but we all have the same goal of having a healthy head of hair. Because I am not an expert, I wanted to consult one to help us all!

So, let’s see what Charity had to say about hair, the hair industry and selecting the perfect hair stylist for you. Not only does Charity talk hair, but she also talks about how you can buy quality hair for all of your track and sew-in needs! Yes, she is an official Mayvenn Hair Distributor!! To get connected with Charity and follow her styles, ideas and hair care tips, you can go like her FB page, “Styles By Charity!” And remember, if you are located in the Jackson, Mississippi area, go stop by and check her out! #SheDoesHair

Here’s the interview….Let’s meet Charity and see what she had to say!

How old are you?

I am 27 years old.

What did you major in?

I have a dual degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Jackson State University, and Cosmetology Certification from Virginia College.

Was it hard to get into the hair industry?What does it take to stay there? Is the hair industry competitive?

It’s not hard to get into the hair industry; it’s hard to stay in the hair industry. With so many licensed stylist, “kitchen beauticians”, and YouTube tutorials, you have to find your nitch and stick with it! You run into clients wanting quality work for free but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! You can try your at home remedies or what you watched on YouTube, I’ll be right here to clean it up!

 What type of schooling do would I need if I wanted to do hair? How much money would I need to start up my own shop?

 If you are interested in the hair industry, you need to find a school that offers cosmetology and you have to acquire 1500 hours to qualify to take the State Board Exam for Mississippi (other states may vary). As far as start-up costs, there is no exact amount I can give for startup. You have to calculate the costs of your location, equipment, supplies, insurance, utilities, etc. Most stylists starting out find a salon to pay booth or suite rent. Remember, rent amounts will vary depending on your location.

Did you always want to do hair?
Yes! I’ve probably been interested in hair since I was 10 years old!

How long have you been doing hair?
Since 2011.

What made you want to start doing hair?
I always loved all things hair!! I love caring for hair and I love to see the impact it has on women’s self-esteem when they would look in the mirror and leave my chair!

Did you ever mess anybody’s hair up?
Yes, my first time doing a sew- in was a disaster! You get better with time.

How did you know you had the gift for it?
I knew I had the gift for it when I would see the reaction on my clients’ faces after I styled their hair. And of course, my clients wanting to come back was a dead giveaway!

What is the name of your beauty shop, hours and location?
I am currently renting a suite at Elements Hair Studio located at 4460 Highway 80 West in Jackson, MS.
I come in Monday-Friday 5:00pm- until and Saturdays 9:00am-2:00pm. So, if you are in the Jackson area, come stop by!

What do you specialize in?
First and foremost healthy hair, but I also have a deep fascination with cuts and color.


Courtesy of Styles By Charity



Courtesy of Styles By Charity



Courtesy of Styles By Charity


What are the dangers of chemical processed hair?
Over processing by getting relaxers too often, over use of heat on the hair, or using the wrong kind of relaxers- I’ve run across women that feel they need a super relaxer because of the kinkiness of their hair. I have yet to run across anyone that needs a relaxer that strong!

Do you recommend natural or relaxed and why?
I recommend whatever makes you happy. I just want women to know it doesn’t matter if you are natural or relaxed you still need to take care of your hair by getting your ends trimmed every 6 weeks or as needed, moisturizing and hot oil treatments. Take care of your hair!!!

As for me, I am relaxed and I have a permanent blonde color in my hair. I don’t deal with any shedding or damage because I work to consistently take care of my hair as it is not an option for me. It’s simply mandatory!

What products do you recommend for relaxed hair?

Products containing coconut oil, shea butter, or olive oil. I currently use Platinum Silk and Naked products on my relaxed clients and Shea Moisture, Naked or Nairobi products on my natural clients.

What products do you recommend for natural hair?
Pretty much the same as products for relaxed hair except you need to find more shampoos and conditioners with extra moisturizers in it as natural hair tends to dry out quicker than relaxed hair. I would also add a daily moisturizer.

Because all natural hair is different, you have to find what works best for you. You’re definitely going to go through a few product lines before finding out which one works best for your hair!

What are the best styles for relaxed hair?

Relaxed hair is so versatile, there is no limit to what you can do!

How should I pick a beautician? How do I know that they are right for me? Do I always have to experience trial and error?
You should pick a beautician based on what you KNOW they are good at. You rarely catch a beautician that’s good at EVERYTHING. Well, at least I haven’t seen one yet! Ask around, check out their work and make the best decision for you and your hair.

Will my beautician ever really get it like the magazine picture? Yes or no and why do you feel that way?
It depends on the type of style requested. Most of the styles you see in magazines are wigs or extensions, so you may not have the same results. Clients also have to take in consideration their hair type and facial structure when selecting styles. So you just have to trust that your stylist knows what he/she is doing and that you will be satisfied in the end.

Do you sell hair? How can I buy it?
Yes, I am a hair distributor through a company called Mayvenn. We offer 100% virgin human hair. We currently have 3 different kinds of hair: Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian. We have the best policy available which offers a 30-day quality guarantee on all of our hair. You may visit my website at to purchase yours today!


Charity’s Hair Dos

*Drink plenty of water..Stop eating junk..Take on a more healthy lifestyle by exercise and choosing healthy meal choices..Diets affect skin and hair!
*Select the right stylist for you and your hair.
*Take care of your hair.
*Shampoo your hair regularly
*Moisturize it as needed..Never let it get too dry! Dry hair breaks and becomes brittle…Brittle hair affects the rest of the hair.
*Get trims as needed
*Use minimal heat
*Sleep on a satin pillowcase and/or use a satin head scarf. It’s much better on your hair than cotton as cotton dries your hair out.

Charity’s Hair Don’ts

*Don’t select a stylist just because she’s cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for!
*Don’t believe people when they tell you dandruff, or dirt, makes your hair grow!
*Don’t flat iron your hair every day. Too much heat causes breakage.
*Don’t wait a year to get your ends trimmed. Stop holding on to thin, fragile ends trying to keep your length, it will grow back!

I hope you enjoyed these tips like I did! We can always use good hair advice and a great hairstylist! Stay tuned for more features and blogs! Thanks for stopping by! Also, don’t forget to like us on FB & Follow us on Instagram @phreedymlive! We’d love to have you! #JoinTheMovement  #GetPhreedUp