So let’s face it. You wanted something. You prayed for it. You asked God for it and He shut the door. He just flat out closed the door and said, “No.” How do you accept “No” for an answer? I mean, after all, you’ve been doing what you are supposed to be doing. You’ve been living right. You’ve been obedient. You’re a Christian. You serve the Lord faithfully. You’ve been going to church. You’ve been doing everything that the Lord has told you to do. You’ve even gone so far as to cut off friendships and relationships that didn’t glorify God. You’ve actually sacrificed some things that you really wanted in order to position yourself to receive your blessing. You’ve cleared some things out. Because after all, how can God open up the door for anything new when you are still bogged down with a bunch of clutter? So, you’ve done all this, only to find that God’s answer is “No” to the thing that you’ve been asking God for.



What now? Do we get upset? Do we sit and sulk over the fact that we didn’t get what we wanted? Do we become impatient and begin to create our own ending and outcome? Do we go in and beat down a door that He divinely shut? I mean, after all, what if He was keeping you from something? What if He was protecting you? What if the very thing you were asking for could have been detrimental to you or your family? What if God was only trying to help you? Maybe God was closing that door so that He could redirect you to a better “Yes” down the road…


The thing that I wish to share with you most is that we have to trust God no matter what. God is sovereign and He knows what He’s doing. He knows your past, sees you in your present and has already factored in your future. He knows what’s best for you. He knows that the car you really wanted to buy has a life-threatening deficiency so He blocks you from purchasing the BMW and opens the door for you to purchase the Honda. He knows that the man or woman you love and want to marry struggles with secret sins that you don’t know about so He tells you to break it off and brings someone else into your life that you never seem to give the time of day. You see, all along, He’s trying to help us. The problem is that we are so self-centered that we can’t see it. We can’t even begin to acknowledge the fact that He’s blessing us due to our selfish, human nature that screams in disgruntlement when we don’t get EXACTLY what WE want. Just because we pray a prayer does not mean that there is a demand that our prayer be answered. Sometimes the answer is “yes.” Sometimes the answer is “not yet.” And sometimes, unfortunately, the answer is simply “no” without any explanation.

And let us be reminded that this is not the time to be disobedient! This is not the time to try to open a door that He shut. This is not the time to do the opposite of what God is showing us. If we are not careful to be content and refrain from opening His shut doors, God will allow us to have those things that we asked for and He will allow us to experience the trials that He originally intended for us to avoid. If God meant for you to have something, you would have it and He would have given it to you with absolutely NO effort needed from you. If God meant for someone to be in your life, they would be there. There would be nothing that could possibly keep them away. Our problem is that we have yet to realize that God will never lead us wrong. He will never lead us astray. He is always there, standing by, watching our every move. He knows our rising up and He knows our sitting down.


So why do we question His sovereignty? Why don’t we trust Him and His plans for our lives? God loves us unconditionally and He wants to bless us abundantly. However, His ways are not our ways so we can’t possibly expect Him to always give us exactly what we want when we want it. Yes, we can pray for things. Yes, we can ask God for things. Yes, we can hope that we receive the desires of our hearts. Sometimes we receive exactly what we ask for and sometimes, honestly, we don’t. However, it is not our responsibility to determine HOW we receive those things. If you are asking for a job and income to pay the bills, don’t get upset when you don’t get the EXACT job you asked for and don’t find yourself trying to chase down the job you wanted. If you are asking for a spirit/soul mate, you can’t get upset when it doesn’t come in the form of the person that you quite hoped it would. God knows what He’s doing. If you are asking for a house, don’t get upset when He opens the door to bless you with the house 3 houses down from the one you really wanted. We have to learn how to be content. We have to learn how to be okay with God’s will. We have to learn how to accept His answer and the blessings that He gives us. We have to learn how to be as flexible as the clay that we are. He is the Potter. We are the clay. He has full responsibility for making us into who He created us to be. What’s for you is for YOU and there is nothing that can interfere with what belongs to you. And on the other side, if it’s not for you, there’s nothing that you can do to manipulate a circumstance in a way that will favor the outcome that you wanted. And if you are perhaps guilty of manipulating circumstances and outcomes to appease your desires so that you could get what you wanted, you may potentially be outside of the will of God. Simply ask God for forgiveness and surrender to His will. He knows best!

When we get involved and put our hands on things, we tend to mess things up. It’s more beneficial to just leave it to God and let Him orchestrate everything for us. There’s no need for you to get involved. God has it all under control. He knows what you need. He knows what you desire. After all, He created you and He loves you enough to bless you despite where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

So, if you are waiting on something from God and asking for something specific, I challenge you to open your heart up to His answer. He may have already shown you, but due to a closed heart and mind, you may have missed His answer and tried to create your own outcome. Invite God into your decision making. Invite God into your plans and into your agenda. It’s okay to tell Him what you want, but have you ever stopped long enough to ask Him about what He wants? What if His answer is No? How will you react? Will you continue on a path that seems favorable to you and do what you want? Or, will you submit and surrender to His will for your life and allow Him to take the lead? Your choice. Your blessings can be found in your obedience…Are you willing to accept God’s answer as “No” or will you create a “Yes” on your own?