Who is Charles Mitchell??!! Well, I happened to be tuned into church online with Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, TN during their 11am service that I watch every Sunday via Mount Zion Anywhere, and the pastor, Bishop Walker, called him up to sing. Initially, I thought that they just had another special guest gospel artist as they usually do. However, this time, that wasn’t the case. Charles was there to raise awareness about his desire to travel abroad and sing in Italy. Mount Zion provided a platform for him to sing so that he would be able to have an opportunity to share his gift while raising awareness about his campaign.

And let me tell you…The moment Charles opened up his mouth to sing, the room was blown away! As Charles began to sing the old negro gospel spiritual, “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” you could hear a pin drop in the audience! Every listening ear in the building was attentive and drawn in by the his stage presence and his delivery. And as a result, Charles received a standing ovation! As I looked online while being overseas, I was completely blown away by his humility and passion for his skill and craft. What a powerful and anointed voice he has!!!! Watch him live in action in the video below!!!

Anyways, Charles wasn’t singing just to be singing. Charles was singing because he was in a campaign effort to raise $8,000 to study abroad in Italy! Charles is trying to enhance his skills by immersing himself in other cultures around the world so that he can both grow and develop his artistry. A Fisk University Masters Student in pursuit of greatness beyond the status quo of mediocrity…How awesome was this?!!! As soon as he finished singing, I immediately text a friend that attends the church and asked if she would get his information so that PhreedymLive could sponsor him and take part in his journey to greatness!! Yes, you got it right. God had someone staged in another country to bless Charles and send him to Italy. It all had to do with Charles being in the right place at the right time. When you are positioned to receive God’s blessings and you are living a life that is pleasing to God, there’s no limit to what God can do.

The PhreedymLive! team is extremely proud of Charles and all of his endeavors and for that, PhreedymLive! would like to recognize Charles Mitchell (Mr. Fisk University 2014-2015) as the first ever PhreedymLive! Feature of the Month!!!

DSC_9625 2

God gave me an idea to highlight our young people who are doing some great things. Too many times, we don’t shed enough light on those who are doing well…Especially our African-American males. Be blessed in all your endeavors Charles!!

You can see Charles Mitchell’s biography on the PhreedymLive Feature of The Month page!

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