So, you lost your job. You lost a friendship. You and your beau just broke up. Your mom or dad walked out of your life. You had a family member go to jail. You didn’t get selected for that promotion that you just knew you were going to get. You got a divorce. Your spouse left you. Your spouse cheated on you. You married the wrong person as you knew you had absolutely no peace when you walked down the aisle. You got a bad report from the doctor and it doesn’t look good at all. They say you have cancer. They say you have an incurable disease. They say you have HIV. They say you can’t have a child. They say you have less than 72 hours to live. Even further, maybe you found out that you have been charged with a crime that is punishable by law and now find yourself in a legal battle. What was your reaction? What did you do when you heard your bad news? Did you cave? Did you crumble? Did you find yourself in the middle of the floor crying with multiple paper towels and tissue asking, “God why?”

Broken But Not Destroyed

Naturally, this is usually the first reaction of us all because we’re human. We get afraid. We find ourselves in a “woe is me” social media status and we feed off of any sympathy or anyone will give us. Many times, we feed off of attention so much that we stay in our pitiful state of mind just a little longer than we ever bargained. We sit there. We sob. We dwell. We wait for people to comfort us. We wait for people to come help us deal with the broken pieces of our life that have been shattered. We seek out people who will labor with us in prayer. And ironically, we even shut out the very people who don’t support us and feed into our misfortune and misery.


Whatever happened to asking God, “why not?” Whatever happened to having faith and believing that all things work together for the good? Whatever happened to leaning and depending on God to work things out? Whatever happened to letting go of things that you can’t control? Whatever happened to finding your inner strength in God and pushing forward into your destiny? Whatever happened to the simple act of just letting go?

Why do we dwell? Why do we have such a hard time with rising up from difficult situations? Why do we end up dying with the dead situation as if our livelihood somehow exists in the thing or the person that was lost? We have an option. The Bible tells us that life and death lie in the power of the tongue. The truth is that we don’t have to die in our dead situations. We can speak life to dead situations and we can still live in the presence of death.


Now, don’t get me wrong and think that I mean for you to try and resurrect dead situations such as abusive marriages and relationships. Use sense and use wisdom. Some things just need to die and stay dead for the life of you. The moment you try to piece the broken things back together is the moment you experience more pain than you’ve ever experienced before. Some things are best left broken. Stop trying to put broken glass shards back together. It broke for a reason. And unless God wishes to put the glass shards together, LEAVE IT BROKEN. There are so many pieces involved that you wouldn’t even know where to begin anyways. Truth be told, you’d probably miss a few pieces. It’s important that we trust God in lifeless and broken situations. Can these dry bones live again? Only God knows. You don’t.

Ezekiel 37: 1-3

1 The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. 2 He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry. 3 He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” I said, “Sovereign Lord, you alone know.”


Although something may have died or broken, it’s important that you don’t die or break with it. RISE UP. The moment you cave is the moment the devil wins. The moment you give up is the moment you lose. We have to learn how to rise up in the midst of adversity. As men and women of God who walk in so much authority, we must learn to use the authority that we’ve been given. The problem is that we remain silent. Although we have the right to remain silent in the world, in our Christian walk, we need to speak. We need to begin to speak those things that are not as though they already were. We need to fight the enemy out loud and shake up the very foundations we stand on with our praise. We need to press in the spirit. We need to pray out loud in the spirit. There’s no time for silence. There’s no time for doubt and fear. We are simply running out of time. So, here are 3 steps for you to follow that I think will help you RISE UP.

Step 1: Acknowledge

So how do you rise up? You acknowledge the truth. You acknowledge the illness. You acknowledge the death. You acknowledge your mistakes. You acknowledge your fear. You acknowledge your pain. You acknowledge your frustration. Acknowledging where you are is needed. One cannot begin to heal if they do not first acknowledge the sickness. Acknowledging does not make you a weak believer as so many people think and teach. Many people teach that if you acknowledge something you are speaking life to it and actually speaking it into existence. This is not true. Acknowledgment is the very foundation of healing. Think about it. So many times we listen to people and things just because “that’s the way it’s always been” or “that’s the what they always used to say.” So, I say this to let you know that it’s okay for you to acknowledge the fact that you really may be in a messed up situation. It’s okay to acknowledge the fact that you really may have placed yourself in that messed up situation. As my sister in Christ always says, “OWN YOUR EMOTIONS.” It’s okay to process things. However, when you are processing it, just be sure you are processing in truth and truly acknowledging “what is.” Don’t stay in denial and don’t get angry with those who make every effort to bring you out of your denial to try to help you deal with truth. It’s unfair to them. Be open to the truth.

Step 2: Plan for Survival

So now that you have acknowledged exactly where you are and you have accepted the hard and chilling truth, where do you go next? Where do you go from here? Do you give up and become homeless or do you get back up and continue to search for another job? Do you dry up with a barren womb or do you produce fruit and adopt a child who would love to have a family? Having a plan is essential as a man or woman of God. Whenever you are in battle, you always need a plan for survival. We are in a spiritual war and spiritual warfare requires a plan. You can’t just lay there and die on the battlefield. Even if you’ve been wounded and you have had comrades to die off around you, you still have to have a plan to make it off of the battlefield. The truth of the matter is that everybody doesn’t make it out. And at this point, sometimes you have to leave the dead where they lay and continue to press on toward the mark. Everybody is not ordained to come with you and walk with you on your journey. Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, the truth of the matter is that you are “walking.” This means you are alive in the presence of death. How powerful this is! As long as there is a pulse in your body, it is proof of survival and life.

Step 3: Live

After you have acknowledged where you are and what has happened, and after you have planned for your survival, you act like you are going to LIVE. No matter how hard you’ve been hit or hurt with life’s circumstances, you rise up and LIVE. There’s nothing more devastating than for someone to be alive and so focused on death that they forget to live in the very moment they have. Find the positive out of your situation or circumstances. Help someone else. Find your strength. Help someone else find the strength they didn’t know they ever had. Remember that what the enemy meant for evil, God meant for your good.

So, I’m not saying that these 3 steps will solve all your problems, but they will definitely help you get out of the pit. If you dedicate yourself to the 3 steps above, I can guarantee you that it will turn your thought and emotion pattern around. When you change your level of focus from down to up, you can guarantee that the view is always much better. Center your focus on Christ and how you can overcome rather than on yourself and the devastating circumstances. You will find that once you take your focus off of yourself and RISE UP, you will begin to see the very purpose of your pain and situation. You will finally get to a place where you can be used because you will actually recognize the “why” for your situation without even having to ask. Things will get a little bit clearer and the sun will begin to shine a little bit brighter. Things will finally begin to look up after you RISE UP. Don’t look down and focus on the dead situation, but rather look up and focus on the Savior who can bring you out of the dead situation. A change of focus could mean life or death. You choose. Leave the broken pieces to God, get to living and RISE UP.