Does it ever seem like to you that God is late according to your watch? You can have everything planned out and already expect that everything is going to go a certain way and then all of the sudden, everything falls apart and nothing goes through. You spend time building foundations towards dreams and goals only to suffer an ailment, loss of job, loss of a loved one, unexpected inability to have a child, loss of a friendship, a broken marriage or even loss of a relationship.

Truth be told, if you had it your way, everything would fall into place and everything would be just perfect. You’d have no trouble and the mere thought of the word “challenge” wouldn’t even be a factor. As I write this, I both know and feel your frustration. I know what it feels like to have a timeline that seems to never get met. I know what it feels like to feel like you are missing out on life because your plans didn’t come to fruition like you had hoped.

Doesn’t it seem so easy for people to say “trust God” or “God knows best” or “Wait on God’s timing”? I find it ironic that the very people that say these things have everything you desire or hope to have. Maybe they have the career you want or the car you’ve always dreamed of having or the house you’ve always dreamed of living in. Or, maybe they have the perfect marriage or family life that you’ve always wished you’d have. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you are disgruntled or discontent, it’s just that you have unfulfilled desires due your timing not being God’s timing. 5 years to God can be 10 or 20 years as His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

So, if we are hoping or waiting for something, how do we wait for it patiently when everything about our clock and timer says we’re running out of time? How do we “let go” and “let God”? How do we trust when we don’t see anything at all? How do we continue to have faith when we’ve had faith for years, hoping for the very same thing to come to pass?

Well, it’s definitely not easy, but as Christians, we are called to exercise our faith, for faith without works is dead. We are called to trust God and know that He has a plan and a purpose for our life. It may not look good, as finances may be low, a marriage or relationship may be on a thin line of divorce or permanent separation, someone might have walked out of our life, or we may even be battling an illness or a disease that we didn’t even know we had. However, just because the circumstances look bad now, doesn’t mean that they will stay that way. Somehow, God always has a way of turning things around in our favor, even when we don’t deserve it. Because truth be told, we all deserve death, but because Jesus Christ died for our sins, we received life. Sometimes, God replaces our “failure” into “favor.”

So as you and I patiently wait for God to perform a miracle in our lives or grant us with the desires of our hearts, be encouraged and know that what God has planned for us is designed and custom fit just for us. The only reason we don’t have it yet is because God is taking His time to shape it so that it will complement His purpose and His plan for our life.


Wait on God..The very thing that you desire will be much better if you allow Him to work on it and present it to you in His timing. He knows exactly what you need when you need it. And on top of that, He knows the desires of your heart. Keep trusting..Keep hoping..Keep waiting..Don’t give up.